adenation recognizes the need for faster and smarter hydration

Don’t allow dehydration to delay your day. Re-energize, Replenish, and Recover with adenation's low solute concentration solution, the "O" Factor. It is a scientifically proven solution with the fastest formula of hydration! It is a hypotonic solution with low sugar and low sodium. Adenation delivers the correct amount of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to maximize the absorption rate to quickly prevent and efficiently recover from the effects of dehydration. adenation prepares you for your best moment, your best day, and your best life.



Contains 70% less sugar than other sports drinks



Absorbed quickly because of its low osmolality



Reduces fatigue, increases recovery, helps prevent injuries and muscle cramping



Replenishes vitamins & electrolytes for improved performance

Community Mascot Branding

Rapidly recover your athletes’ hydration, Re-Energize your community

Join the adenation, the super hydration nation. Through the adenation sports drink Athletic Co-Partnership Community, local unique mascot branding is available for the adenation bottles, coolers, apparel, etc. all will build enthusiasm and support for your community. All the while educating on the importance of hydration.

O Factor
O Factor

Popular sports drinks don’t work. Many contain as much as 56 grams of sugar alone in one bottle (double an adult’s daily limit) along with a high sodium content. These drinks are not just unhealthy, your body struggles to absorb them. They make your body pull water from your cells to dilute it in order to absorb it. It’s the opposite of what you want or need. This process also causes many other problems that prevents your body from performing at its highest level.