O Factor Hydration

"O" Factor Hydration

Your Daily Super Hydration Routine

Elite athlete or an athlete of life? You want to perform at your highest level and adenation can help you achieve your goal. Proper hydration helps to regulate your body temperature, lubricate your joints, and transport vital nutrients that give you energy to keep you healthy and maximize your mental and physical performance. adenation can help you stay in the game.

As the sun is coming up, make a habit of starting your day off by fueling your body with super hydration adenation to hydrate and energize your body. Many food ingredients, additives, and lifestyle choices interfere with our ability to maintain proper hydration for optimal performance. All of these and many other factors adversely affect your hydration.

  • A decrease in fluid intake
  • Exercise, excessive sweating
  • Caffeine
  • Excessive salt & sugar
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, tea, hot chocolate, coffee
  • Detox tea/drinks, Energy drinks
  • Illness and Medications, such as chemotherapy
  • High protein meals
O Factor

Studies show that a 2% of body weight decrease in hydration causes physical and mental performance to be impaired. Fight back by starting your day refreshed and revived with adenation drink mix, which is effective at providing the human body with super hydration and maximum absorption of vital ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

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  • How Much Do I Need To Drink?

  • You will need to drink {Ounces} ounces of
     adenation per hour to stay hydrated.

"O Factor" Matters

Our scientifically formulated hypotonic solution, low osmolality (180mosm/kg) which we refer to as the “O Factor”, prevents the feeling of fullness or bloating by quickly emptying from the stomach and rapidly absorbing into the blood stream. With low sugar, low sodium, and packed with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, adenation the maximum hydration solution will help increase alertness helping you keep a clear head, prevent injury, increase energy, and prepare you for your day.

O Factor
  • Hypertonic solutions have an osmolality greater than the body (> 300 mOsmol/l) (most popular sports drinks)
  • Isotonic solutions have an osmolality similar to the body (= 290 mOsmol/l) (Drinks like coconut water)
  • Hypotonic solutions have an osmolality less than the body (< 280 mOsmol/l) which promotes fluid absorption (adenation!!)

Most popular sports drinks fall in to the hypertonic range. Hypertonic formulas are extremely dense with sugar and sodium, forcing the body to pull stored water into the gut, creating delays in rehydration that can cause muscle cramps and sluggishness. Isotonic solutions range between 275‐300 mOsm/kg which is similar to our bodies meaning it takes less effort for us to absorb a liquid in this range. adenation is a Hypotonic solution with an osmolality of 182 mOsm/kg. adenation's concentration provides the body with immediate hydration. It is absorbed faster than hypertonic and Isotonic drinks or plain water. Because of the effectiveness of hypotonic solutions, patients hospitalized are commonly given an IV with a hypotonic solution to treat or avoid dehydration.